Friday, May 23, 2008


My twitter:

"Dandelion season wiled away as I sat brazenly staring him in the eye. Leaving he stepped on the damn crack. The cut into the linoleum had at some point seemed, different."

Very challenging, but fun!

Friday, April 25, 2008

I now have an etsy shop. Gosh I am such a copycat. Hmm....oh well.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yo spring! Can we step on it?

a favorite Wyeth painting.

It's the first week of the spring quarter and the weather is a sloth.
I keep seeing little hints of spring trying to fight its way through unpredictable Ohio weather, and I am getting really impatient. While I'm really looking forward to April and May because of all the wonderful fleamarkets, garage sales and outdoor events to come, and because my cabin fever and dry skin are symptoms that I'm ready to kick, thats not to say I'm at all ready for s-s-s-(swimsuits)! Ugh. What was it Jennifer Garner said? I need to get my biscuit on the treadmill.

As I was sitting in my textiles and clothing class (the one where I'm reviewing this book) my teacher, who I love already, asks the room a question while on the topic of music in retail shops. She says, "what kind of music do they play in forever 21?" You have to understand, this is in a very large class with only two boys in the room.

Not one person said anything. Imaginary crickets were suddenly angrily chirping at us. I almost lost what composure I had at that moment and laughed out loud. You know 3/4 of the girls in that room shop there regularly! None of them wanted to admit it though, and answering the question would have given them away. It kind of bothers me if someone really worries that much about the way they are perceived by others. If I was ashamed of where I shopped, I wouldn't be able to tell anyone that I shopped, period. I wouldn't want to bring the subject up because I would be listing goodwill, for the majority of my wardrobe, and places like Marcs grocery stores, garage sales, and fleamarkets! I think the most stylish place I've ever shopped is the Gap. I would like to say it is the challenge that propels me through the dirty glass doors and towards the musty racks of used clothing or piled, wrinkled pieces, but its not the strongest factor. I'm just another cheapass college student.Where do you shop when you want a good deal on something unique?

Monday, March 10, 2008

cabin fever


Cabin fever, finals, and a new puppy have gotten the best of me. I went goodwill shopping (and surprisingly, not drinking) to take the edge off. I'm saving the partying till wednesday night after my last two exams. I thought I would never make it, but its finally spring break!! I cannot wait! This is the first break in about three years when I'm not working the entire time.

The only bad thing about spring break coming is...bathing suits. I am not looking forward to putting one on for the first time...or working out! Anyone have an idea for a FUN workout? I was thinking of taking a dance class or rollerblading...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fashion Trends, American Beauty, and An Accute Uncertainty About the Future

While I'd rather be in a dark movie theatre with five friends watching "Run, Fatboy, Run", this week has been my own personal hell hole so, I sadly cannot. Finals are coming up and as usual I've spent the quarter being completely average by procrastinating and stress eating my way into a second double chin. (does that make it a, quadruple chin?) Currently whats left of my intellectual brain is laying stagnate while I figure out exactly what I want to do with my Journalism career. I really would like to enjoy at least parts of my job. (as I twitch into an ugly grimace at the thought of going back to my serving job for the weekend where I'm everybody's offical shit taker.) It's pretty sad when you look forward to the school week more than the week end. Actually, the only thing I look forward to these days is Wednesday night kareoke and an ice cold beer.

Speaking of kareoke, it was there last Wednesday that I witnessed those...I don't know, the high heeled booties, clogs, whatever you all call them, in action. Yes, they were on a skinny girl. They seemed simple, old fashioned even, but I can't quite get to the checkout counter with them. They are one of those trends that I just can't wrap my head around, and it doesn't help that they make my calves look like a man biceps. Something that they randomly reminded me of is the movie American Beauty.

If you haven't seen it, the movie is about one of "those girls" who you have a non-lesbian girl crush on. Do you know what I mean? She dresses immaculately, constantly inducing jealously in every other girl. She's absolutely gorgeous, impossibly thin, all the guys want her...blah blah and a great personality. TELL me about it. I have to give it to her though, because while she has all those things, I think the real difference between her and the rest of us (the most important one anyway) is mysteriousness. She just has a sensuality and illusiveness about her. "That girl", I've met a few times over the years since about age 12, and though she is always looks a little different, you can still tell she's different. Oh...how I wish I could steal a little American-Beauty-mystery for myself! I guess since I can't pull off the clog-bootie thing, maybe I'll just have to settle for some good ol' mary janes.

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