Friday, December 1, 2006

"She's the portuguese Betsy Johnson, and I love her."

Mmhmm, wow.

That sure is something I have not seen or felt in a long time! [NO, its not that.] But what I would I compare a 5 minute orgasm to? Simple. That would be, Caroline Darrieux's clothing designs. The portuguese designer's collection is just too much for my ADD brain to handle. But it likes the challenge. Ties here, sequins there, and just when you think you recognise an item of clothing, and your saying, is that a....BAM! No, its not. Thats just what it used to be. Now its something entirely different, and its fabulous.

"She's the portuguese Betsy Johnson, and I love her."

Her unconciously creative way of thinking obviously extends much further than her clothes. The models are painted black almost completely, except for parts of the face, which for some reason, reminds me of a certain type of Spider monkey. (do not judge me, I did not know the actual name, I had to look it up)

All I have to say is, do not sit here a moment longer reading my run-on sentences, CHECK her out, because she is the real deal!


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