Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yes I did: diy harness/body chain

Heres me copycatting again. As far as diy projects go, this might be the easiest, and best results I've ever gotten. I will definately try this again. The great thing about body chains is that there are so many different kinds out there. Making it myself allowed me to fit it specifically for my body.

For this I started with two 6 foot lengths of small chain, and one length of a size larger. I used small eyelets (which are just metal loops that you bend open) to connect the chains at front and back. I dug through my odds and ends and picked out a three cornered (fake) diamond cluster which I put in front to hang chain from and I put a tiny metal key in the back. Thats it! I just kept trying it on and changing things and messing with it until I was satisfied.

Wore it out for the first time last night. Kinda broke it. Might need some adjusting... I tend to be a little rough on things. Haha!


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