Sunday, March 29, 2009


Obsessing over cutouts right now. Searching the ebay vintage section for summer stuff today (swimsuits, slip dresses, cotton shorts) I came across this swimsuit:

amazing. possibly the perfect combination of sexiness and vintage appeal. I can't seem to ever really pull off a vintage piece unless there is something modern about it. Too bad it has a $250 price tag. So sad.

I've been meaning to do a couple cutout projects, having seen cutout tees, tanks, and blazers and the Chloe cutout dress I've posted about before, I know there must be a perfect cutout shape out there for me. I'm really starting to think it is this triangle showcasing the--what is that--your ribcage? would be good for me. haha... its about the only part I would really feel comfortable showing I think. Although, I'm open to others...


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