Saturday, March 14, 2009

No Dout 2009 Tour

No Doubt is going on TOUR!!!! Can't, can't wait. Probablly the number one band I need desperately to see live. I was worried I would never get the chance!

I have always loved them. I was in the 5th grade when their first album came out.

Gwen's style and her spunk, and the boys she loves-they all kick ass! Not to mention that her lyrics have always struck a chord with me.
Sophie Muller (she has my last name!) has directed alot of No Doubts videos and I love every one of those as well. Gwen's riding around on a jet ski with the guys or looking gorgeous with barely any makeup on (in Underneath it All), my favorite one being Cool though, where she is running around Italy as a younger Gwen in sweet dresses and polka dotted maillots. I'm a fan forever. I'm so pumped.

buzznet.com photos and video links.


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